Matteo Sanzani

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Like so many aviation enthusiasts, Matteo Sanzani had dreamed since boyhood of becoming a fighter pilot. Matteo was born near an Italian Air Force Base and now lives near Modena (Italy).

He caught the passion for aviation at an early age: a friend was pilot with Italian Air Force. His first experience with military aircraft came during an airbase visit when he was 8 years old.

As he said "I still remember the day like it was yesterday: I entered the cockpit of a G-91Y and my friend closed the glass over my head, a very exciting experience! From that moment all I wanted to do was become a fighter pilot, but soon I discovered that I was short-sighted”.
That was unfortunatly the end of his dreams of flying jets.

"My love of aviation never diminished, I started to follow aviation events in Italy and Europe and get to know many people working in the armed forces.”

In 2011 Matteo founded Blog Before Flight, an aviation blog that month after month has increased its success until becoming very popular (especially in the United States).

Many newspaper have shared his posts that leading a lot of readers.

Since then, many reports have been carried out by the armed forces around the world (Italy, USA, China, Thailand, Myanmar ...) many realized aboard military aircraft.

Today Matteo can finally say that his job is on flight.


George Karavantos - Greece (photoreporter)

Simona Zanetti - Italy (photoreporter)

Marco Sanzani - Italy (photografer)

Davide Bertelli - Italy (photografer)

Luca Spadoni - Italy (photografer)

Fernando Franco - Spain (photografer)

Dennis Wortmann - Germany (photoreporter)

Laurent Bataille - France (photoreporter)

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